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General Dentistry

Dr Paddy Malone

Dr Helen Matthews, B.A.B. Dent. Sc. (TCD)
Dr Brendan O'Gara BDS (U.SHEFF)

If you do experience severe anxiety about your appointments please inform our staff as there are options to help. General dentistry includes examinations, fillings and extractions.

We advise regular examinations, at least once per year. The dentist will check for decay, check fillings are intact and will examine the soft tissues of the mouth (screen for oral cancer). If you have not visited a dentist for a while, please consider that neglect of your oral health will lead to longer term health problems. Read our advice section if you experience anxiety prior to dental visits.

There are many different types of fillings available, the most common of are:

     Amalgam (silver) Appearance wise amalgam may not be the most attractive, but is extremely strong and durable. Generally amalgam is used for large cavities in the back teeth.
     Composite (white) These are matched to the colour of your teeth, and are usually used in front or more visible teeth.
Extraction of teeth may be required due to injury or as a result of excessive decay, gum disease or other factors. As advised above it is imperitive to care for your teeth to avoid un-necessary tooth extraction, see our general dental advice section for basic oral health guidelines. Where extractions are carried out, they will usually be done with a local anesthetic. Oral surgery may be necessary where the tooth is infused to the bone, this is often the case for Wisdom teeth.

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