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Dental Fees

At Farnham Dental Surgery the priority is the long term dental health of our patients. We keep our fees at a very competitive rate (Note that the fees given below may vary depending on treatment required). Patients may also have entitlements under schemes such as Medical Card, Social Welfare/PRSI depending on personal circumstance, please contact our surgery for more details or visit the Citizens Information Board website.
Currently, PRSI patients are entitled to a free dental examination each year. Medical Card holders also will receive a free examination once a year, and emergency treatment is also available.
We also offer the option of an annual payment plan that can offer fee reductions, see here for more information.

Treatments General Dentistry Hygienist Children's Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics Emergency
 Dentist consultation / checkup € 
   Adult examination 40 
   Child examination 30 
   Examination and Scale & Polish 70 
   X-Ray (Small)
   X-Ray (Large/OPG) 50 
   Amalgam [silver] small/large * 70/80 
   Composite [white] small/large * 70/80 
   Consultation 50 
   Implant including crown * 2050 
 Other dentistry  
   Root canal treatment * 300 
   Crown * 500/600 
   Extraction (with local anesthetic) * 70/80 
   Surgical Extraction (with local anesthetic) * 100/120 
   Wisdom extraction (oral surgery) * 280 
 Hygienist visit / cleaning  
   Scale and polish - no anesthetic (Medical card) 60 
   Scale and polish + anaesthetic (Medical card) 65 
   Scale and polish - no anesthetic (Private) 70 
   Scale and polish + anesthetic (Private) 75 
 Prescribed Periodontal treatments  
   Root planning with local anaesthetic (per visit) 120-150 
   Periodontal maintenance (per visit) 80 per visit 
   Post-op sensitivity varnish (Seal&Protect) 10 
 Whitening / Bleaching  
   In Surgery Bleaching 295 
   Home bleaching kit 250 
   Bleach refill 10ml (22%) 70 
 Fitted Sports Gum Shield  
   Coloured impressioned gum shield 100 
These prices are indications and will vary depending on treatment specifics.
Dental Treatment